[Flat Single Page] mode for single,sheets of paper Turn off the top light and turn on the side fill light (for high-end version only) to avoid reflections when scanning ID documents, magazines, glossy paper, or glossy books. 8) Turn on the device's fill light to avoid shadow of the crossbar casing.7) Auto-flattening of curved pages and removal of fingers (with finger cots) When scanning books, the 3 laser lines of the ET scanner must be on the curved pages. Failure to do so will negatively affect scanning results. Please wear the specialized finger cots provided with the ET scanner when holding down the pages during the scanning process to ensure that the finger removal function works properly. Failure to wear the finger cots would affect the finger removal algorithm. When scanning, review your own needs and select the proper processing modes of either [Flat Single Page] or [Facing Pages]. 3) 4) 5) When scanning magazines, coated paper, and other reflective materials, switch the side lights ON and switch the main lights OFF for best effects (only for advanced version). 6)