Place the scanner on a surface (table, desk, or counter) large enough to fit the pages you plan to scan or display. Plug either the Hand Button or Foot Pedal into the scanner' s USB port (in the back of the base). Spread the black document pad under the scanner' s head. Ensure that the gap of the "black document pad" aligned with device. 1 . 2 . 3 . Check the LCD on the head portion to see if the black document pad covers the entire screen and ensure that the desk surface or random edges are not included within the scan. (it is extremely important to make sure that the black document pad covers the entire screen properly to help the smart algorithm carries out its calculations and ensure image processing is carried out properly). Special reminders 4 . 5 . When scanning larger projects (such as books or multiple documents), we recommend using the Computer Mode (USB-PC) and connecting to the foot pedal to make the scanning process more efficient. Using a computer during scanning will provide additional editing functions to improve the quality and professionalism of the scanned and processed images. Avoid scanning documents in places near windows or environments with strong lighting. Excessively bright ambient lighting will affect the brightness of the ET laser lines and negatively affect scanning results. 1) 2) Chapter II Operation Guidelines 2.1 Scanning Preparation