Chapter I Introduction 1.1 Product Summary 1.2 Product Dimensions The CZUR scanner is a new type of intelligent scanner whose foremost features are its extremely high scanning speed, its ability to recognize and correct for curved, incorrectly positioned, or soiled pages, and its ability to quickly and easily convert scanned pages to more useful formats (PDF, searchable PDF, TIFF, or text documents.) The scanner can, using built-in algorithms, automatically handle pages otherwise difficult or very time-consuming to scan. For example, it can automatically flatten the curved pages of open books (using laser lines), erase fingerprints, automatically split double pages into two, and correct pages incorrectly positioned. This allows large books to be scanned and archived very quickly. It’s a completely new approach to scanning and can save hours of time scanning either simple or complex tasks of document digitizing, archiving, and sharing. It is unlike any scanner in its price range.