Warranty scope exception: 4.2 Contact Information Failures or damages caused by unauthorized repairs, modifications, or abuse carried out by the user. Damages caused by repairs carried out by unauthorized repair centers. Other errors and failures caused by software installation or software settings, or problems and failures caused by computer viruses. · · · Damages caused by natural disasters, accidents, or human factors. Damages caused by inappropriate storage (including damages caused by rats or liquid infiltration) . · · This product may only be used in areas where surrounding temperature is less than 40 o C. Failures or damages caused by incorrect installation or using the product in environments that exceed the specified work conditions (for examples, in places that are too hot or too humid). Damages caused by using components not from this Company or when the user attempts to replace components by himself / herself. · · · Get technical support and information by following ways. CZUR TECH CO., LTD. 9F, North Wing, West Block, PKU-HKUST ShenZhen-HongKong Institution, Gaoxin South 7th Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China Room1001,10th Floor, Block A, No.32A Huoju Road, High-tech Industrial Zone, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China E-Mail: support@czur.com Skype: support@czur.com www.czur.com