88 Tech Specs: Video VIDEO RESOLUTION (RES) Video resolution refers to the number of horizontal lines used in each frame of video. A 1080p video is made up of 1080 horizontal lines, each with a width of 1920 pixels. A 4K video is made up of 3840 horizontal lines, each with a width of 2160 pixels. Since more lines equals greater resolution, 4K will deliver a more detailed picture than 1080p. Video Resolution Best Use 4K Our highest resolution video. Great for tripod and fxed-position shots. Can be used to grab 8MP stills from your video. 4K 4:3 Our highest resolution video. The tall 4:3 aspect ratio captures more of the scene than 16:9 shots. Great for point-of-view footage. 2.7K High resolution 16:9 video that provides stunning, cinema-quality results for professional productions. 2.7K 4:3 Great for high-resolution point-of-view body and gear-mounted shots with fuid slow motion playback.