62 AUTO UPLOADING TO THE CLOUD With a GoPro Plus subscription, you can automatically upload your media to the cloud where you can view, edit, and share it from any device. 1. Subscribe to GoPro Plus: a. Download the GoPro app to your device from the Apple App Store or Google Play. b. Follow the app’s on-screen instructions to connect your camera. c. If you’re connecting for the frst time, follow the on-screen instructions to subscribe to GoPro Plus. Otherwise, tap on the camera chooser screen. 2. Connect your camera to a power outlet. Auto Upload will start when the battery is fully charged. After frst-time setup, your camera won’t need to connect to the app to start Auto Upload. Heads Up: Your original fles remain on your camera even after they’ve been backed up to the cloud. PRO TIP: If you’re saving fles to your computer, the Quik desktop app will automatically upload them to your GoPro Plus account. Transferring Your Media