56 SEE YOUR VIDEOS + PHOTOS ON AN HDTV Put them up on the big screen for everyone to see. 1. From the camera’s main screen, swipe down to access the Dashboard. 2. Tap Preferences > Input/Output > HDMI Output > Media. 3. Use a micro HDMI cable (sold separately) to connect your camera to an HDTV or monitor. 4. Select the HDMI input on the TV. 5. Press the Mode button on your camera to move through the controls, then press the Shutter button to select the control. For example, use the Mode button to go through the thumbnails until you get to , then use the Shutter button tap . 6. To open a fle in full-screen view, tap . PRO TIP: You can also play back your media by inserting your SD card directly into a compatible TV. Using Your Camera With an HDTV