50 Using Mode Commands Use these commands to switch capture modes on the go. Then say, “GoPro Capture” or press the Shutter button to get the shot. Mode Command Description GoPro Video mode Switches your camera to Video mode (does not start recording) GoPro Photo mode Switches your camera to Photo mode (does not take a photo) GoPro Burst mode Switches your camera to Burst mode (does not start taking burst photos) GoPro Time Lapse mode Switches your camera to Time Lapse Photo mode (does not start taking time lapse photos) GoPro Capture Starts capturing videos or photos in the mode you selected GoPro Stop Capture Stops capture in Video and Time Lapse mode. Photo and Burst mode stop on their own. PRO TIP: If you’re recording video or time lapse, you must stop recording before trying a new command. Controlling Your GoPro With Your Voice