47 You can use an external microphone to enhance the audio in your videos. 1. Connect the microphone to your camera’s USB-C port using the GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter (sold separately). 2. From your camera’s main screen, swipe down to access the Dashboard. 3. Tap Preferences > Input/Output > Audio Input. 4. Tap an option. Option Description Standard Mic (default) Supports non-powered mics Standard Mic+ Supports non-powered mics and provides 20dB boost Powered Mic Supports self-powered mics Powered Mic+ Supports self-powered mics and provides 20dB boost Line In Supports line-level output from other audio equipment (mixing board, guitar preamplifer, karaoke machine, etc.) Heads Up: If you’re not sure which option to select, check the information that came with your microphone. Connecting to an External Microphone