45 SETTING EXPOSURE CONTROL USING LOCKED EXPOSURE With this option, your camera locks the exposure until you cancel it. If you’re snowboarding on a sunny day, you might try locking the exposure on your subject’s jacket. This will help prevent your shots from being underexposed (too dark) compared to the bright snow. 1. Press the touch screen until a set of brackets with a dot in the middle appears in the center of the screen. This is the Spot Meter. It will base the exposure on the center of the shot. 2. Drag the brackets away from the center if you want to use another area of the shot to set the exposure. (You can also tap that area instead of dragging the brackets.) 3. Tap inside the brackets to lock the exposure. 4. Check the screen to see if the exposure looks good. Tap in the lower right corner to lock it in. LOCKED EXPOSURE Exposure Control