44 HERO7 Black scans the entire scene to choose the exposure level for your shot. Exposure Control lets you decide if only a section of the shot should be used to set the exposure. Check out the shot preview on your touch screen. Try Exposure Control if there are sections that are too dark or too light. SETTING EXPOSURE CONTROL USING AUTO EXPOSURE With this option, the camera automatically bases exposure on the area that you select. Imagine your camera is mounted on your dashboard. You probably want to set the exposure based on the scene outside the car instead of the dashboard. This will help prevent your shots from being overexposed (too bright). 1. Press the touch screen until a set of brackets with a dot in the middle appears in the center of the screen. This is the Spot Meter. It will base the exposure on the center of the shot. 2. Drag the brackets away from the center if you want to use another area of the shot to set the exposure. (You can also tap that area instead of dragging the brackets.) 3. Check the screen to see if the exposure looks good. Tap in the lower right corner. AUTO EXPOSURE Exposure Control