32 Taking Photos Your GoPro has three Photo capture modes: Photo, Burst, and Night. All photos are captured at 12MP. Each mode has its own settings. PHOTO Use this mode to capture a single photo or a series of continuous photos. A single press of the Shutter button will capture a single photo. Press and hold the Shutter button to take continuous photos at a rate of 3 or 30 per second (depending on lighting conditions). The default feld of view for Photos is Wide with SuperPhoto turned of. BURST Burst captures photos at blistering rates of up to 30 per second. This makes it great for action shots. The default feld of view for Burst is Wide with a rate of 30 photos in 1 second. NIGHT In Night mode your camera’s shutter stays open longer to let in more light. It’s perfect for dim or dark scenes, but not recommended for handheld or mounted shots when the camera is moving. The default feld of view for Night is Wide with the Shutter set to Auto.