114 ISO MINIMUM/MAXIMUM ISO Minimum and ISO Maximum let you set a range for the camera’s sensitivity to light and image noise. Image noise refers to the degree of graininess in the image. In low light, higher ISO values result in brighter images, but with more image noise. Lower values result in darker images with less image noise. Scroll between the options on the right side of the Color screen to see a live preview of each setting, then tap the one you want. The default for ISO Maximum is 1600 for video and 3200 for photos. The default for ISO Minimum is 100. Heads Up: For the Video and Photo modes, ISO behavior depends on the Protune Shutter setting. The ISO Maximum that you select is used as the maximum ISO value. The ISO value that is applied might be lower, depending on the lighting conditions. PRO TIP: To lock the ISO at a specifc value, set ISO Minimum and ISO Maximum to the same values. Tech Specs: Protune Darker image Lower image noise Brighter image Greater image noise 100 200 400 800 1600 3200 6400