112 PROTUNE Protune unlocks your camera’s full creative potential by giving you manual control of Color, White Balance, Shutter Speed, and more. It’s compatible with professional color correction tools, the Quik desktop app, and other editing software. Here are some things to keep in mind: • Protune is available as an advanced setting for all modes, except Looping, TimeWarp, and Time Lapse Video. • When Protune is turned on, the settings menu expands to give you full access to all settings. Swipe up to see them all. • Some Protune settings are not available when you use Exposure Control. • Changes to Protune settings in one capture mode apply only to that capture mode. For example, changing the White Balance for night photos does not afect White Balance for burst photos. PRO TIP: You can restore all Protune settings to their defaults through the settings menu. • If Protune is on, tap settings > Protune Settings. • If Protune is of, tap settings > Protune > Protune Settings. Tech Specs: Protune