S LE 66CX680PE Product name SLE 66CX680PE Secure µSlim EEPROM Product description Security cryptocontroller User-ROM 244 kByte EEPROM 68 kByte RAM 6,144 Byte + 700 Byte crypto CPU 8-bit/16-bit Crypto coprocessors Symmetrical Cryptography 3DES Asymmetrical Cryptography RSA up to 2048 bit, ECC up to 521 bit Clock (int.) 1 - 33 MHz Clock (ext.) 1 - 7.5 MHz Operating voltage 1.62 V - 5.5 V Max. supply current (at 5 MHz, 5 V) 10 mA Max. sleep mode current (typical) 100 µA Ambient temperature -25 to +85° Write / erase time 2 ms (typ.) EEPROM page programming 1 to 64 Byte Security features EEPROM Error Detection, Memory-, Bus- and SFR- Encryption, Active Shield, MMU, DPA/SPA, DEMA/SEMA Countermeasures,Security Sensors: V, f, Light, Temperature, Glitch, Tamperproof Design, Chip ID, True RNG (AIS31, FIPS-140) Peripherals CRC, PLL, UART DF 16 Delivery forms Module M5.1, MFC5.x, DSO-8, VQFN-8, die Typical applications Payment, EMV DDA, ePurse, Loyalty, Access Contol, Health / Social Security, Digital Signature, ID-Card, Pay-TV, GSM, UICC Certifications CC EAL5+ high, EMVCo